Junior Volunteer Program

Each year, thousands of patients come to the Houston's Texas Medical Center from all over the world. Wouldn't you love to help these people, who are far from home and facing the burden of serious illness? Aishel House Junior Volunteers allows you to do just that. Junior Volunteers gives you the opportunity to join with other teens, between the ages of 13 and 18, and make a real difference!

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What can I do as a Junior Volunteer?

Holiday-Cheer Project
Get together and create uplifting gifts, of food or crafts, which are given to the patients. This is done around holidays and feature a holiday theme.

Nigun for the Neshama ("melody for the soul")
Musically talented volunteers visit with patients and lift their spirits with song. These are usually arranged during holiday seasons.

Childcare Assistance
Sometimes patients or their family members at the hospital are accompanied by young children. Volunteers help look after these children so parents can be fee to see to the task at hand.

Mitzvah Wheels Project
Those who qualify, can also participate in the Mitzvah Wheels Project, which includes these activities:

     • Pick up or drop off patients and their family members at the airport.

     • Take a patient or family member to get out a little and do some shopping whether for groceries or just for fun, like going to a mall or doing some sightseeing.

     • Do grocery shopping for a family who simply cannot get out and do so on their own.

     • Deliver a warm meal to the hospital or to patient's accommodations.


What it takes...

We request of Junior Volunteers to commit to participate in any of the above activities at least six times throughout the year.

It is important to keep in mind that when you accept a task, such as an airport pickup or meal delivery, people are depending on you. Should you need to cancel, please make every effort to give early notice so that other arrangements can be made.

What you’ll get...

Volunteering at Aishel House gives you the ability to make a significant difference to people who really need assistance. The patients you help come from all over the world, thus your volunteer work reverberates and is appreciated by people across the globe.

Our sages tell us that saving even one life, is like saving an entire world. When you lend material assistance or moral encouragement to someone fighting a life threatening illness, you are helping them to be victorious in their battle.

Join Aishel House Junior Volunteers. Make a difference in someone's life today and make a difference in the world!

Or call Rachel at 713-522-2004