Patient Support Services

Support Services

• Subsidized apartments for patients and their families
• Transportation to/from airports, stores, appointments, etc.
• Crisis intervention and spiritual counseling
• Hospital visitations by staff and volunteers
• Respite program for caregivers to be able to "take a break"
• Family doctor referrals for patients' family members
• Childcare and babysitting assistance for the family
• Assistance in coordinating platelet donations
• A Jewish chapel within walking distance of the TMC
• Kosher meal assistance
• Assistance with
Jewish holiday observances


For more information on any of the services, please fill out the support request form, or call our office at 713-522-2004.



Extended hotel stays can be very costly, especially in addition to all other necessary expenses. Aishel House offers comfortable, well equipped hospitality apartments for patients and family members at a nominal fee. Each apartment consists of a bedroom, living room, and kitchenette, and is furnished to make the residents feel 'at home' during their stay. Should a family require more space, larger apartments may also be available.

Aishel House is located at 1955 University Blvd between Main and Stockton.

Apartment Request Form


Kosher Meals Assistance

Everyone appreciates a warm, delectable meal - especially when away from the comforts of home. Those observing a kosher diet face additional hardship in obtaining fresh, nutritionally balanced, tasty meals that meet their dietary needs.

Through a partnership with Chabad at TMC, Aishel House is able to provide patients' choice of nutritious and tasty meals customized to their personal tastes. These meals are prepared by Chabad's volunteers according to all necessary Kosher criteria, and are delivered by Aishel House volunteers. Accommodations can be made for special diet requirements (i.e. low sodium, low sugar, low tyramine, etc.).


Transportation Assistance

At times a patient, caregiver or family member may just want to get away for a bit, pick up some groceries, do a little sight-seeing, or go shopping at the mall. Aishel House volunteers are happy to provide transportation and take them wherever they would like to go. Volunteers are also able to provide rides to or from the airport. Requests should be made 24 hours in advance, if possible.


Blood Product Donations

Should the need arise, Aishel House is able to assist patients in locating donors for blood product such as platelets and can take care of coordinating the donation schedule.


Personal Counseling

Whatever the predicament, it's never easy going it alone. When patients or their family members are experiencing a challenge or being confronted with difficult decisions, our trained and experienced rabbis and counselors can be there to help them through. Sometimes just the knowledge that someone else is looking out for them can go a long way.  For spiritual guidance or counseling, we want patients to know that they can count on us.


Child Care Assistance

For patients (or caregiving family members) with infants, young children, or teens, Aishel House will assist in arranging appropriate child care for times when they are preoccupied with matters at hand. Aishel House is pleased to accommodate them, whatever the need.


Hospital Visitation

Hospital stays can be very daunting and can leave one feeling isolated or lonely. If at anytime a patient would like someone to visit—whether it is just to have a listening ear or see a friendly face—one of our volunteers will be more than happy to stop by.


Family Doctor Resources

Colds, infections, and the like can come at the most inconvenient times. If family members or caregivers find themselves in need of a doctor's visit, Aishel House can help. Aishel House maintains a special group of physicians, the Rofeh Yedid Society, who will make every effort to accommodate them and see to their medical needs as soon as possible.


For more information on any of the above services, please fill out the support request form, or call our office at 713-522-2004.