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A New Year, With New Blessing

The new year is upon us.

Here at Aishel House, the table is set, and the dishes are prepared. All are ready for a new year of blessings and healing.

Alongside the traditional round challa and Ashkenazi carrot tzimmes, a world tour of dishes gather around the table:

The challa is an old recipe introduced by a family from Switzerland. Spinach and black eyed peas are a Jerusalemite tradition from Miriam.
The stuffed leek originate in Tripoli, Libya, brought to Houston by Ines.
The sweet beet stew from Poland by way of Florida.
A beet-citrus salad recipe which came from Morrocco.
Rice pilaf by way of Rechovot from Yaniv.
A stuffed chicken inspired by Frida’s from Turkey.
Teiglach the way Bubbe made them in Koidonov, Belarus.
Honey cookies from Petach Tikva.
The traditional head of a fish.

May the new year be sweet as honey. May we be at the Head of everything good. May our merits be many.

Alongside the symbolism of the specific food, Each recipe recalls another family, another story of healing and friendship, another year.

Each food brings to mind another merit, another positive item with which to usher in the new year. They bring with them millennia of tradition, a tradition that goes back to our forefather Abraham.

Tomorrow, as we sound the Shofar, re-coronating G-d as king, we evoke the memory of Abraham and his legendary kindness and compassion, and his ultimate sacrifice of kindness in service of G-d.

How wonderful it is to welcome the new year here at Aishel House, inspired by Abraham’s legendary open home of kindness, and surrounded by a united family from across the globe. And as you are blessed to be celebrating at home this year, amongst family and friends, know that your giving-kindness is what makes it special to all the families here.

May we all be blessed with a year of peace and healing, tranquility and good health, a year of Torah and Mitzvos, with much abundance and prosperity.

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