Ways to give


Legacy Gifts, Mortgage Retirement, & Endowment Campaign

An endowment is a sure way to guarantee the funding of an Aishel House program close to your heart. The capital gift will remain untouched, and the earnings will provide for funding to the Aishel House program you have designated. If there is a program in particular you would like to establish, or would like to discuss endowment opportunities, please reach out to us.

Join these visionaries, establish a legacy, and perpetuate a memory with your own endowment fund at Aishel House.

Campus Dedication -$15M – Perpetuate a legacy of kindness by dedicating and naming the Aishel House campus. (Awaiting Sponsorship)

Mortgage Retirement – $5M – Allow Aishel House to focus on developing programs and finding ways to help patients and their families. (Awaiting Sponsorship)

Fully Subsidize an Apartment for a Year – $40k – Acquire the Mitzva of Hachnasas Orchim – Inviting and Hosting Guests by fully subsidizing an apartment for an out-of-town patient (Yearly renewal, 22 Available for 5783/2023)

Aishel House Shuttle – Coming November ’23!
Will augment existing volunteer services for Aishel House Guests, by providing the following services full-time:
-Medical Center shuttle route
-Local shop excursions
-Airport pick-up and drop-offs
(Shuttle is in hand, Awaiting Driver’s Sponsorship!)