Patients & Families


At our core is a belief that the emotional and spiritual well-being and support is as vital to a person's wellness as their physical care.

Aishel House chaplains routinely visit in the Medical Center hospitals.

Whether you are staying at Aishel House, or have other accomdations, whether you are visiting from out of town or live here in Houston, our chaplain is here for you.

About Our Chaplains

In addition to his extensive rabbinic training and internships at Rabbinical College of America, and rabbinic internships across the USSR and the Far East, Rabbi Lazaroff is trained in Clinical Pastoral Education, and has served as a chaplain since 1992.

Be it to grab a cup of coffee for an uplifting chat or to discuss the relevance of a Torah thought, Rabbi Lazaroff is here for you throughout your stay in Houston