Kosher Food Program

Pesach Seder-To-Go

Continuing our ongoing tradition of over 3 decades, we will be sending Passover Seders-To-Go to the hospital for patients and their families to celebrate the holiday no matter their circumstance. In addition to the hospital program, this year we will also be offering a Seder-plate-To-Go less the dinner, to the general public.

Additional Passover Resources

  • For a downloadable and printable Hebrew- English Hagada, click here.
  • To sell your Chametz online, click here.
  • How to read the Hagada alone?
  • Shul Schedule for Pesach:
    Mincha 20 Minutes before Shkia, followed by maariv
    Yomtov and Shabbos days of Pesach (Nissan 15,16,21,22)
    10 AM Shacharis
    Mincha 20 Minutes before shkia, followed by Maariv
    Chol Hamoed Times TBD