Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

Who can volunteer at Aishel House?

Anyone above the age of nine years old. Volunteers under the age of thirteen must be accompanied by an adult.

How do I become a volunteer?

To best ensure our volunteers are matched up where they can be most effective, there is a screening process to volunteer at Aishel House.
The screening process consists of three steps:
1) Fill out the volunteer signup form
2) In-person interview
3) Volunteer orientation

Can I volunteer with a group?

Yes! Everyone at Aishel House loves it when a group of friendly volunteers come together. There are several group volunteer opportunities at Aishel House. Food from Friends, Gardening, Musical or Art evenings are some of the group-friendly volunteer programs we have available. Contact us for more about what would be best for your group!

How can I find out about volunteer opportunities?

Once the volunteer signup process is complete, you will be able to choose what volunteer email notifications to receive.