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Impact Report

More than just a place to stay is the emotional, moral and spiritual support patients and their families find as they stay in Houston.

Aishel House provides a comfortable and affordable place to stay for families in medical crises. In one year, you were one of 1,448 special individuals or organizations who supported Aishel House financially. Along with those who gave their time and talents, you helped provide families in medical crisis with more than just a place to stay.

Since re-opening in the summer of 2017

Over 56,652 nights of accommodation were provided to patients and their families.

Family Assistance Fund

This fund helps financially burdened families stay at the Family House at a reduced rate. From 2017-2019, over $1M of subsidized stays were provided.

Meals Provided…

From March-June of the year 2022, over 2555 healthy kosher meals were provided to patients and their families.