Sunday January 14, 2024 • 4 Shvat, 5784

Cocktail Dinner 6:00PM
Livestream & Award Ceremony 7:00PM


Joseph S Coselli, M.D.

Rofeh Yedid Award

Ellen & Andy Taer

Volunteer of the Year Award


Gold Underwriter

Joyce and Allan Camhi

Ruby Sponsor

June & Leonard Goldberg

Gary & Amy Davis

in Loving Memory of Seema and Sol Davis

Sapphire Sponsor

Paul & Susan Danziger

Emerald Sponsor

The Maurice Purcell Foundation

Elaine Finger

Diamond Sponsor

Larry & Kaki Buck

TeDan Surgical Innovations, Inc.

Shmuel & Michele Amber

Thank you for all that you do!

Chair King

Backyard Store

Barbara Hines

Rhona & Bruce Caress

Congratulations to the honorees of this year’s gala benefit awards

Platinum Sponsor

Reichenthal Family

Paula Goldstein

Dr. Irving & Miriam Fishman

Continued Hatzlacha Raba in your holy work.

Allen Milewicz

Dianna Milewicz

Ben and Miriam Cotlar

Gilda Stahl

Dedicated to the 2 most inspirational people on the planet—Rabbi Lazar and Rebbetzin Rochi. Long may you reign! Behatzlocha!

Nosson & Hanna Cotlar

Mark and Judy Mucasey

We are so proud of the work Aishel House does every day, and wish great strength for Rochel and Lazer to continue their great efforts in 2024

Pam & Steve Rosen Linda & Jerry Rubenstein

Yasher Koach and best wishes to the Lazer and Rochel and their entire family.
The work they do is incredible.

The Center for Audiology

In honor of Rabbi and Rochel Lazaroff and all the wonderful Aishel House honorees and volunteers. May you go from strength to strength.

Yaakov and Sara Nagel

Daniel and Eta Cotlar and Family

We extend a big yasher koach and tremendous gratitude to Aishel House and all of its volunteers

Irv and Miriam Fishman

Continued hatzlacha raba in your Holy work!!!!
With admiration, Irv and Miriam Fishman

Dr. Howard & Barbara Weiner

Jeffrey & Yvonne Stern

David & Celine Hecht

Gold Sponsor

Karol & Dr. Daniel Musher

Thank you to all that you do to help the community

Brian & Carol Kirshon

Kol Hacavod to
Aishel House, Dr. Joseph Coselli and two remarkable volunteers Ellen & Andy Taer

Gail and Gary Swartz

Rachel and Andrew Toubin

Congratulations to honorees Ellen and Andy Taer and Dr. Joseph Coselli

Thank you to Aishel House and all volunteers for all that you do for our community!

Julius and Avril Danziger

Once again, a big Mazeltov to all who make Aishel House such a blessing.

Linda Golden

Marc and Yocheved Stock

The Wein Family

BJ & Sue Orgis

Royal Wine Corp

Silver Sponsor


Linda & Alan Rosen

Karen Buckwold

Dr. Carl Schmulen and Family


B”H with love!!!

Holly and David Davies

Shkoyach Lazer, Rochel and mishpacha for the miracles that Hashem channels through Aishel House.

Irving Gold

David & Perl-Leah Fishman

Irving L. Rotter

In honor of Rabbi Lazaroff and the dedicated staff of Aishel House

Stuart and Sheina Cagen

Andrea Eisenstein and Ezra Ogorek

In honor of Rabbi Lazer and Rochel Lazaroff for their selfless dedication, and to the volunteers, who make Aishel House so supportively unique.

Itchy and Frady Goldbrenner and Family

Marci & Mark Arnold

Thank you for all you do for those in need.
Aishel House is a gem for the Houston community!

Wendi and Adam Olszewski

Ellen and Andy Taer

Our deepest gratitude to Lazer and Rochel for their inspirational efforts every day, may you continue forward from strength to strength!
We are honored to be recognized

Dr. Zev and Susan Munk

Dedicated to Rabbi Eliezer and Mrs. Rachel Lazaroff for all of the chessed that they do.

Maple Developoemt Group - Itiel Kaplan

Richard & Rhona Lopchinsky

Mannie and Erika Magid

Yvonne Snaider & Family

David & Rosemary De Vido

Yakov & Faye Polatsek

Bronze Sponsor

Louis & Sheila Train

Anna & Alexander Gratvol

Dr. Les and Mary Garb

Jose Rodriguez

In memory of
Benjamin & Renee
Calman & Sarah

Barbara and Robert Levy

With gratitude to Dr Coselli and his pioneering work in the treatment of patients with Marfan Syndrome and related disorders. Thank you also to Aishel House!

Chani and Danny Gavin

Doreen and Marshall Lerner

Sadovitch Family

Thank you again for all you did for us.

Roy and Karen Herbst

Thank you to the Aishel House staff and volunteers for all you do! Mazel Tov!

A Taitel, M Israel, C and S Brandwine

In honor of Aishel House for its excellent work!

The Loev Law Firm, PC

and Hannah & David Loev


We love Aishel House and the entire Aishel House family!

Greta and Jeff Baum

We are honored and privileged to have a special relationship with both Aishel House and the Lazaroff family!
May Hashem continue to bless your much needed efforts and services!!!

Dr. Kenneth & Judy Arfa

In honor of the staff and volunteers of Aishel House.

Belles Family

Ian and Raquel Lentnek

David and Bayla Cotlar

With ongoing admiration and
appreciation of Rabbi Lazer
and Rochie for enhancing
the world’s largest and finest
medical center with the unique
spiritual and compassionate
element of Aishel House.

Jeffrey and Frances Bock

Reuven and Miriam Fishelberg

Peter & Rebeca Botvin

Patrice M. Barron

In Loving Memory of my parents (Mortimer J. Barron & Beatrice Zwirn Barron) & my Aunt (Shirley Zwirn), and with Gratitude to Dr. Joseph Coselli for caring for my Aunt.


Danny & Sara Goldberg

Mazel tov to another year of bringing light, hope, & joy to our community. Thank you to Rabbi & Rochel for the amazing work you do. Congrats to the honorees! -Danny & Sara Goldberg

Ann Miller

Yasher Koach to Aishel House and the good work and to Ellen And Andy Taer for their dedication!

Mike & Jo Belfort

Congratulations and thank you for your medical contributions & kindness & compassion


Rivki and Benjamin Shlyapobersky

Mazal tov to Aishel house for your continued and always increasing important work for the community. May you continue this important work with all the brachos you need!

Kobi & Yaffa Baryam

Drs. Amy and Michael Coburn

Congratulations Joe, and thank you Rabbi Lazer, Rochel and Family for all your wonderful contributions to our community.

Sidney & Mindy Elmann

To the most giving, caring, unbelievable couple we know. May Hashem continues to grant you both koach to do what you do.


Benzi & Fraidle Goldshmid
Ethan and Sue Kanter
Steven + Martha Raskin
Debbie and Lee Lipsitz
Moshe Stewart
David G Finkle & Roberta Truman
Daniel Sacke
Esther Kane
Deborah & Abraham Dana
Marisa and Harry Brown
Dr. Garrett R. Lynch
We miss y’all
Ephraim Felsinger
Mark Faigen
Resanne and Earl Saltzman
Rivky Schmukler
Ronald and Elena Levy
Lisa A. Ketai
Sara Brook
Debra Eisenberg
Gail and Eric Gould
Philip & Judy Stein
Linda & Joel Chess
Itamar and Cheni Cohen
In Honor of Avi Silver
Joan & Phillip Baum
LeeAnn & Cliff Ancier - For a complete recovery of Chaim Moshe ben Leah
In honor of my father Jose ben Sara
Debra Morgenstern - In memory of Yoram Cohen Z"L
Mannie and Erika Magid
Yitzchok & Malky Schmukler
Ben Lipson and Jill Roth
Gary & Michael Nathanson
Mark & Susan Skolkin
Patrick & Susan Quinn
Raymond Haber
Shayna Unterslak
Esther Saghian
Mushkie S
Yossi and Faige Grossman