Sunday January 15, 2023 • 22 Tevet, 5783

Cocktail Dinner 6:00PM
Livestream & Award Ceremony 7:00PM


Ashley Keiter

Volunteer of the Year Award

Michael A. Belfort, MD, PHD

Rofeh Yedid Award

Bubba & Maxine Silberstein

Lamplighter Award


Principal Underwriter

Allan & Joyce Camhi

Thank you Aishel House and all the volunteers for everything you do!


June & Leonard Goldberg

Ruby Sponsor

Gary & Amy Davis

Paul & Susan Danziger

Diamond Sponsor

Maurice Purcell Foundation

The Shirley & Bruce Stein Family

Mazel Tov and Yashor Koach to our treasured friends
Maxine & Bubba
You lead the way

Larry & Kaki Buck

TeDan Surgical Innovations, Inc.

Platinum Sponsor

Reichenthal Family

Paula Goldstein

Dr. Irving & Miriam Fishman

Allen Milewicz

Dianna Milewicz

We are proud to support the holy work of Rabbi Lazer and Rochel Lazaroff. May Aishel House continue to spread its light and uplift those in need.

Yaakov and Sara Nagel

The Wein Family

We love you!!!!

Daniel & Eta Cotlar & Family

With gratitude from the Cotlars
L’Ilui Nishmas Henoch Ben R’ Yaakov HaKohen

Jerry & Linda Rubenstein

In honor of Bubba and Maxine Silberstein

Gold Sponsor

Taitel, Freed and Israel Families

In honor of Aishel House for its excellent work!

Michael & Vicky Richker

Congratulations to our dear friends, Maxine & Bubba Silberstein, on their well-deserved honor. And, congratulations to Ashley Keiter, volunteer of the year.
Mazal Tov to Rabbi Lazer and Rochel Lazaroff and the whole Aishel House family

Bruce & Rhona Caress

Congratulations to the honorees of this year’s gala benefit awards
Best wishes to our dear friends, Rochel and Lazaroff and the entire Lazaroff family.

Karol & Daniel Musher

Sheldon & Debbie Bootin

Linda Love Golden

Chani and Danny Gavin

Nosson and Hanna Cotlar

Ben and Miriam Cotlar

Brian & Carol Kirshon

Mark & Judy Mucasey

We are so proud of the work Lazer & Rochel do every day for those in need in our medical community.

From strength to greater strength,
Mark & Judy Mucasey

Silver Sponsor


Linda & Alan Rosen

Velva Levine

By the Grace of God

SueSue & Don Aron

Congratulations to Maxine & Bubba
You’re the best.. Love
SueSue & Don

Celine & David Hecht

Judith Gold MD

In loving memory
Toby Gold
Yolanda Gold
Emil M. Gold

Sam & Michele Amber

Best Wishes

Julius and Avril Danziger

Mannie & Erika Magid

Steffani Silberstein

Scott & Suzanne Baum

In honor of
Bubba & Maxine Silberstein

Arlene Levy

Congratulations and Love to Bubba and Maxine!
We are so proud to honor you for the difference that you both make!
Love, A, JHL, G,J, and EAP

Bobbie and Robb Kahn, M.D.

We are delighted to honor BUBBA and MAXINE SILBERSTEIN for their caring kindness and devotion to the well-being of others. They support Aishel House with their hearts and souls!

The Goldbrenner Family

In honor of Dr. Belfort,

A well deserved honor to a most dedicated and professional doctor.
Thank you for welcoming us and holding our hand throughout our journey at TCH.
We are forever grateful for all that you have done for our Hadassah.

The Goldbrenner Family

Harold S Goldstein

Congratulations to Bubba and Maxine. You are so deserving and a credit to our whole community with your long-time involvement in this wonderful cause.
Best wishes.

Diane & Stephen Kaminsky

To Maxine & Bubba Silberstein
Best wishes and congratulations

Susan and Zev Munk

Wendi and Adam Olszewski

Jay Steinfeld and Barbara Winthrop

Asher Moshe & Masha Belles

Debra & Michael Kupferman

Stuart and Sheina Cagen

Best wishes and blessings for continued success, and may all of the good deeds performed at Aishel House bring the world closer to the era of Moshiach

Stuart and Sheina Cagen

Yosie and Noa Rosenzweig

In honor of Yael’s Bat Mitzvah

Pam & Steve Rosen

“Yasher Koach”
For all you do to help people from all beliefs in times of sickness & stress.

Karen Buckwold

Leonard & Teresa Friedman

Yeshaya & Esther Horowitz

In honor of
Dr Michael Belfort.
Thank you for pushing the boundaries of medicine to make our dreams a reality.


Yasher Koach to Aishel House for making our medical journey a magical experience.


Robert Kroslowitz

Bronze Sponsor

Louis & Sheila Train

Anna & Alexander Gratvol

Alan Buck & Roslyn Hager

Dr. Les and Mary Garb

Leon Toubin

Danny & Sara Goldberg

Goldberg Law

Construction & Business Litigation – Immigration – Wills/POAs

Dr. J. August & Kathleen Dobelman

Dedicated to a tireless path, thank you Rabbis Eliezer and Rochel Lazaroff, for reaching so deeply to the entire community, and to us on many occasions.


David and Bayla Cotlar

Irving Gold

Susan & Lenny Kammerman

Best wishes to Bubba & Maxine.
May you continue to do good works for many years to come.

Ezra Ogorek & Andrea Eisenstein Ogorek

In support of the good work Aishel House continues to provide.

Marc & Jeri Shapiro

In honor of
Bubba and Maxine

Marvin & Debbie Crane

Proud to support the mitzvot of Aishel House

Drs. Roy and Karen Herbst

Thanks for all you do. We wish there was an Aishel house in New Haven to help our patients here!

Marci & Mark Arnold

To Rabbi Lazaroff & Rochel & tonight’s honorees:

Thank you for all you do to make Aishel House such a welcome place for those in need.

Eddie Denaburg

In honor of Bubba and Maxine Silberstein

Linda and Jerry Paine

Mazel Tov to Maxine and Bubba Silberstein for this well deserved honor. Many thanks to Rabbi Lazar and Rochel for all they do for our community.

Lorraine and Bert Wolf

In honor of Maxine and Bubba Silberstein.

Sidney & Mindy Elmann

To our Entire Texas Family
Aishel House  & The Lazaroffs
Mazal tov and thank you for everything.

To Dr. Belfort,
There are not enough words to express what a special doctor and person you are.

Best Wishes

Ian and Raquel Lentnek & Family


Dr. Bernard Katz

In honor of Bubba & Maxine Silberstein

Gary & Gail Swartz

Mazel Tov to
Bubba and Maxine Silberstein
On receiving the Aishel House Lamplighter Award
Gail and Gary Swartz

Marc and Yocheved Stock

Barry & Rosalyn Margolis

In honor of
Dr. Michael Belfort

Isaac, Racquel, and Simone Esses

In Honor of Rabbi Lazaroff, Tanta Ruchie, and Aishel House Family – our home away from home.

Thank you Dr. Belfort for your devotion and care to all of your patients and families.

Jeffrey & Lisa Myers

Jose Rodriguez

In memory of
Benjamin & Renee
Calman & Sarah

Joan & Stanford Alexander Foundation


Chaim and Chaya Sternhill
Dr. Harry & Dale Eastman
Dustin Cohen-Mitchell
Fruma Fisher
Sara Brook
Danielle and Donniel Ogorek
Yitzchok & Malky Schmukler
Bentzi & Mushki Avtzon
Moishy and Chani Stewart
Guy & Reut Mizrahi
Lydia and Howard Ferster
Eli & Iliana Abbo
Yoav and Sarah Weiss
Jeff Roth
Levy & Laykie Donin
Paull Family honoring Bubba & Maxine
Dr. Kenneth and Judy Arfa
Lanie & Jerry Rose & Family
Leah & Paul Katz
AOG Auto - Binyomin & Tirtsah Orgis
Michelle osterman
Harry & Diane Gendel - hn Bubba & Maxine
Esther Miller
Rivky Schmukler
Reznitsky Family
In honor of Isaac and Racquel Esses