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June & Leonard Goldberg

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Barbara Hines

Dr. Howard & Barbara Weiner

Allan & Joyce Camhi

Gary & Amy Davis

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Paul & Dr. Susan Danziger

Daniel & Sara Goldberg

Pandemics? Economic Collapses? Wars? The Aishel House cannot be stopped. Nor can its patients afford for it to. Toda to its leaders, staff, volunteers & donors!

Moshe ben Baila

Maurice Purcell Foundation

TeDan Surgical Innovations

In appreciation of
Mr. Steve & Dr. Robin Weltman

Thanking Aishel House for the hospitality provided to
Marc and Theresa Nedelman

Platinum Sponsor

The Wein Family

Reichenthal Family

Larry & Kaki Buck

Paula Goldstein

Rhona & Bruce Caress


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Doreen and Marshall Lerner

Bikur Cholim is a beautiful and important mitzvah.

Daniel & Eta Cotlar

Zachary Gaitz & The Minkowitz Family

Sheldon & Debbie Bootin

Linda Love Golden

Silver Sponsor

Mucasey & Associates, Architects

This is such a necessary service for our community, and is done by the most caring people I know. God bless you!

Joe Rice

The mitzvot of Rochel and Lazer Lazaroff being light to darkened spirits, darkened bodies and darkened souls.

Vicky & Michael Richker

Marci and Mark Arnold

We believe they provide critical services for those in need, so their families can focus on their care and not concern themselves with logistical issues.

Susan Hoffman and Mark Skolkin

Holly believed so profoundly in you and the tremendous service you provide for medical center patients and their families. You have created an invaluable oasis for them.

Stuart & Sheina Cagen

Linda & Jerry Rubenstein

Carol and Brian Kirshon

Wendi & Adam Olszewski

Frost Bank


Linda and Alan Rosen

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David and Darlene Schwartz

We are so impressed with how Rabbi Lazer and Rochel Lazaroff have provided a spiritual and physical home away from home for patients and their families facing medical challenges.

Joan & Stanford Alexander

Dr. Roy and Karen Herbst

Mimi & Leon Toubin

Avril and Julius Danziger

It’s a wonderful organisation


In appreciation of and gratitude to the Rabbi and Rebetzin.

Jackie and Jonathan Keller

Yasher Koach to the Lazaroffs ! May they go from hayil to hayil !


Gail & Gary Swartz

Aqua General, Inc.

Michael & Debra Kupferman

Yosie and Noa Rosenzweig

Lyn & Carl Schmulen

Carlos and Edna Bazbaz

Jeff and Greta Baum & Family

Leah & Paul Katz


Karol & Daniel Musher

Louis & Sheila Train

Dr. Les and Mary Garb


L’zchus Refua Ester Matyas
& Ybc”l
in memory Dina Pollack

Allegiance Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Itchy Goldbrenner

Jordana Roteman & Family

Aishel House provides a vital component of a patient’s healing and comfort!

Sidney and Mindy Elmann

The care, love and warmth of Aishel house is unparalleled. Everything was thought out-from the soup to the beds with recuperation and wellbeing in mind. May Hashem bless you all

Mitch & Diane Levy & Family

Sasha and Kevin Alexander

Ari & Ruchi Wettenstein

we love what you do !

Jane and Marshall Gerson

In memory of our beautiful daughter Robyn Gerson Barocas.

In honor of wonderful Rabbi Lazar and Rochel

Sasson Family Panama

Mona Gupta

It helped me during the most difficult time of my life
Helped our family as we were losing my father
Thank you for all you do to keep families who are not from
Houston close

David and Rosemary De Vido