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Kosher Food Program

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Caregivers are oftentimes too burdened to cook meals for the patients at the end of the day. Keeping kosher in a hospital setting is even more difficult. Still, a spiritually balanced diet is as important to a patient’s recovery as their nutritional diet.

Our volunteer kitchens provide home-cooked kosher food for patients and their caregivers staying at Aishel House, and our volunteers deliver them to Kosher patients in the hospital with a smile, giving respite to a long day at the clinic.

Kosher food delivery

Aishel House kitchens provide healthy and tasty Kosher food. Upon request, Aishel House volunteers can deliver the food to the hospital for a patient and one caregiver. Additional meals can be purchased for $18 a person, depending upon availability.

Being in the hospital for Shabbat or a holiday should not preclude having festive meals. Shabbat and Holiday meal packages are available for inpatients and their caregiver.
Outpatients and their families are welcome to join at Aishel House for a Friday night dinner, following services.

For non-medical visitors’ related kosher food requests visitors, please call the office at 713-522-2004, or check the Kosher listings here.