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Ten Ways to Give More Effectively

We are always looking at doing things more efficiently. Giving is no different. When contributing monetarily to support actions we believe to be important, it can be hard to know if your gift is being maximized.

It all starts at the beginning. Think about what is important to you. What community or non-profit organization has a mission that resonates with where you would want to be? What person or group has made an impact on your life?

Once you have found an organization and cause you will support, you can often donate easily online. For further impact though, pick up the phone or shoot an email to the org, to inquire about what specific work being done you would like to earmark your donation for. What programs need funding or are currently underfunded. Depending on the size of your gift, a new initiative can be launched to address a communal need you feel strongly about about and want to support.

Finally, make the gift. If you would like to avoid the charity having to pay credit card processing fees, send or bring in a check. Don’t get stuck on the credit card fees though, it may feel altruistic to hold off on the gift until you can send in that check, but consider the value of an immediately effective gift.

Once you have given once, don’t stop there. Get involved. See if you can volunteer in the area your gift your gift will be applied to, follow up on the charity you gave, and enjoy that you can make a positive impact in the world. Seeing the tangible results of your gift will make your next gift that much more meaningful and rewarding.

The best way to give.

• Find a cause
• Match up with an organization
• Inquire about programming
• Weigh the gift method
• Give!
• Follow up

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